Double Decker Strawberry Crisp


Are you ready? For a dessert that will rock your face off?  Buttery, crispy, tart, sweet. The perfect blend of textures, not too mushy but not too crunchy either?  Crisps are one of my very favorite desserts. Apple crisp is my go-to fall dessert because it’s fast and easy to put together and everyone loves… 

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My Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving Dishes

One of my favorite days is almost here. I mean, besides Friday. Thanksgiving is upon us, my elastic pants are washed and packed and ready to go. I’m ready to throw down an embarrassing amount of food. We are headed to see family, many of which I haven’t seen since 2012. Shame on me, I… 

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Ten Minute Chocolate Sauce

Ten Min Choc Sauce

I’m trying to ignore my children right now. They are running around me in circles, dealing with their bi-polar tendencies to love each other one minute and determined to destroy each other the next. Right now a very spirited game of “pull Ike down the hallway in a laundry basket” is happening. In about .02… 

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Strawberry Shortcake


I’m on a bit of a strawberry kick if you haven’t noticed. And now I’ve gone and done it. I’ve been thinking dreaming of strawberry shortcake for weeks now. I started by making poundcake. It was ok. Acceptable. Not fulfilling. So I turned to shortcake. I didn’t want to just make a bisquik biscuit with a… 

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