• Lasagna Soup
  • Risotto with Mushrooms & Aspragus
  • Glazed Chocolate Chip Biscuits

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Lasagna Soup

Anyone else willing fall to actually happen? It’s September. Today’s high is 90 degrees. The boots in my closet are weeping. I moved all the shorts and swim suits out of my dresser yesterday in an act of defiance against this stupid weather. Come on summer, we are so over you. Know when to quit…. 

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Amish Potato Rolls

Anyone else just really need a win this week? You know, to do one thing that just goes off without a hitch? That “I nailed it!” feeling? No then? Just me? Alright. Well I did, I needed one thing this week to remind me that I’m capable of excellence. Now before you send flowers, this… 

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Freaking Awesome Popcorn

This post should really be titled “how to screw up lasagna”, because that’s how we landed here folks. Lasagna. It was a no go. I dished it up on plates and proudly served it to my offspring who promptly burst into tears in unison. Then Mr. Sweeter Thing looked at me with the “I’m not… 

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Honoring Mimi {with Sheet Cake!}

In the last week, we have celebrated Ike’s birthday, Anna experienced her first funeral (that she will remember), and our family celebrated the life and legacy of a fierce and witty woman. Mimi (Mr. Sweeter Thing’s grandmother) passed away after 95 years. I’ll say that again, 95 years. She was amazing. She was a prayer… 

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BBQ chicken bread

Our Mediocre Week {& Cheesy BBQ Chicken Stuffed Bread}

It’s a mediocre week here. For lots of reasons to be specific. Our week isn’t great, but it isn’t bad either. Nothing extremely inspiring is happening in the kitchen, for sure. Dinner has been Chick Fil A, hotdogs, and “cheesy rollups”, which is a crappy excuse for dinner. It’s a tortilla with shredded cheese that… 

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Quesadillas {Sweeter Thing Style}

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I promised you quesadillas this week. You also know that I was going to make chicken cordon bleu casserole and changed my mind, who really knows why? When I tell you these are quesadillas “Sweeter Thing style”, I mean that I really just find whatever I can and… 

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Roasted Chicken & Vegetable Soup

I’m declaring it pre-fall. It was 80 degrees today but I wore long sleeves. This is the time of year when I attempt to usher in cooler weather by dressing for it even though it’s really still summer. So I was really hot and uncomfortable all day in my long sleeves, but I didn’t care…. 

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Smoked Chicken

Smoked Chicken {and an article for roasting it in your oven}

Can you smell it? Change that is…it’s in the air here at the Sweeter Thing house. If you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit less consistent in my blogging, well there are a couple reasons for that: Our house is for sale. What?!? Yea, I said that. The house we built less than 3 years ago… 

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Walking Tacos

Walking Tacos

Before we start we need to have an understanding. Before you read this post, go ahead and just put away all those opinions and strongly held feelings you carry about processed food and healthy eating. This is party food. It’s delicious and easy, it will change your life. But not if you’re going to be… 

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Ten Min Choc Sauce

Ten Minute Chocolate Sauce

I’m trying to ignore my children right now. They are running around me in circles, dealing with their bi-polar tendencies to love each other one minute and determined to destroy each other the next. Right now a very spirited game of “pull Ike down the hallway in a laundry basket” is happening. In about .02… 

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Whoa. Summer got busy folks. Like in the blink of an eye. Bam. Busy. My head is spinning but we are having so much darn fun! We have had lots of house guests, which is my favorite calling in life. I had a friend once tell me “my heart is so full every time every… 

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