Winter Confessions & Mini Bailey’s Cheesecake Trifles


Greetings from Nashville! As un-motivating as the whole 12 degree temperature is outside, I’m singing because the SUN IS SHINING! Ready for confession #1? The SweeterThing’s have recently discovered that my mind packs a bag and says “sayonara suckers!” when daylight savings ends each fall. It’s only taken me three years to identify this as the culprit of what feels like the longest, darkest roller coaster I’ve ever had the privilege of riding. We are combatting this lovely experience with a truckload of vitamin D every day and the brightest light bulbs we can find. We recommend SPF 75 for anyone visiting our apartment. If you need to find me anytime before Spring, you can find me here….


Confession #2: My apartment always, always looks like this: 


I actually clean it all day long but as soon as I even dream of another recipe….everything falls back out of the cabinets and the dishwasher. We have accepted this as our new normal and are learning to ignore the strong smell of ketchup that we can’t seem to get away from.

Confession #3: I’m still figuring out where/how to take pictures in our apartment that don’t look like they were taken with a disposable camera. Thanks to the extremely bright light bulbs we have in the apartment and the total of three windows, natural light is a little hard to come by. SO, don’t be surprised if my pictures all have the same backgrounds and look identical until our new house is built as I’m taking all the final shots on the deep freezer that sits on our porch.

Ok, ready for the happy news? Despite EVERYONE around me doing the whole 30 right now, I’m still eating dessert. You’re welcome. I love dessert. I can’t give up dessert. I run, I eat good-ish. But dessert? Not up for discussion. It’s staying. Thank you. I am however a tad short on time these days and so I needed a dessert idea over the weekend that required zero effort/baking/creativity/skill. This is where I landed and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s rich and decadent but you can customize how big you make these so your pants will still button in the morning. The one in the photograph is actually WAAAY bigger than it needed to be. When making these again, I will make more of the them in smaller sizes or just half the recipe. But seriously, it’s taking all the willpower I have left in me not to polish the last one off for breakfast this morning.



There aren’t a lot of pictures for this post because all the pictures I took as I made these look AWFUL. Not like, “I’m being picky about pictures” awful but more like “everything has a tinge of green to it” awful. I’m working on the white balance and lighting and will correct this to the best of my ability by the next post. For now, here’s the gist (full recipe below). Crush oreos. Make a chocolate cheesecake filling from cream cheese, cocoa powder, sugar, and Bailey’s Irish creme. Make a whipped filling from heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, Bailey’s Irish creme, and cocoa powder. Layer in a cute cup or jar, repeating each layer twice. Refrigerate. Eat. Yum. 


Mini Bailey's Cheesecake Trifles
Serves 6
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  1. Cheesecake layer
  2. 16 oz cream cheese, room temperature
  3. 5 tablespoons sugar
  4. 1/4 cup cocoa (I used Hershey's Special Dark)
  5. 4 tbsp Baileys
  6. Whipped cream and cookies
  7. 1 cup heavy whipping cream, cold
  8. 2 tbsp Baileys
  9. 1 1/2 tbsp cocoa
  10. 1/4 cup powdered sugar
  11. 15 Oreo cookies, crushed
  1. 1. Beat cream cheese, sugar and cocoa together in a bowl until smooth.
  2. 2. Add Baileys and mix until well incorporated. Set aside.
  3. 3. In another bowl, whip heavy whipping cream until it starts to thicken.
  4. 4. Add Baileys, cocoa and powdered sugar and continue to whip until stiff peaks form.
  5. 5. To make the trifles, divide half of the cookie crumbs evenly between the six cups (or jars) and spread into an even layer in the bottom of the cups.
  6. 6. Pipe, or spoon, an even layer of cheesecake filling on top of the cookie crumbs in each of the four cups. You should only use about half of the filling.
  7. 7. Pipe, or spoon, an even layer of whipped cream on top of the cheesecake filling in each of the six cups.
  8. 8. Divide remaining cookie crumbs between the six cups and evenly distribute the second layer of crumbs on top of the whipped cream. You can keep a little bit of crumbs aside, if you want to use them to sprinkle on top of the finished trifles.
  9. 9. Pipe, or spoon, remaining cheesecake filling on top of cookie crumbs, distributing evenly between the six cups.
  10. 10. Top each trifle with a swirl of whipped cream and a few more cookie crumbs, if you kept some aside in step 8.
  11. 11. Refrigerate until ready to serve. These are best served cold.
Adapted from Life, Love, & Sugar
A Sweeter Thing