Valentine’s Rice Krispie Bouquet


It’s not very often I get something “holiday” posted before the actual holiday, but lucky you Anna and I are headed north this week to meet baby “C”, who is due to arrive any time now. This means we had to make daddy his Valentine’s gift early. It also means I’ll be MIA for a couple weeks because I’m not planning to think about anything but my niece for the rest of the month. Rice Krispies are clearly a theme in our house this month, after making Eric cake batter rice krispie treats last week, I knew they woud be the center of his Valentine’s gift. I also needed something that Anna could help me with. So we found…..drum roll please….a rice krispie bouquet! Fun for you, fun for the kids!

Start with your favorite batch of rice krispie treats. I used the basic recipe from this post, but used Betty Crocker’s cherry chip cake mix instead of yellow, it was fun.


Spread your rice krispies in a baking dish lined with parchment paper, the size of the dish will depend on how thick you want your treats. I wanted mine to be thick, gourmet looking.


For the next part, you can use whatever you want for the topping. Almond bark. Chocolate. White chocolate. Candy melts. And if you want to add a bit more flare, you could flavor or color your chocolate. I went with pink candy melts but left it vanilla since I had the cherry flavoring in the rice krispies already.


Melt your chocolate and pour it in a thick layer over the top of your rice krispies.


Top with some sprinkles, for fun.


Let it sit completely. You’ll notice in my pictures there are some cracks in mine, this is from not waiting long enough for the chocolate to set, some of the softer chocolate tried to force its way up through the top layer that was more set and cracked it. Tricky stuff here. When your chocolate is completely set, remove the entire block from the baking dish and set on a large cutting board. Use a sharp cookie cutter (I used a plastic one, but a metal one would have been better) to cut through the chocolate layer.


Next use a sharp knife (this was Anna’s favorite part! Kidding! What kind of mother do you think I am?) to cut through the rice krispie layer, using the cookie cutter outline as your guide.


Cut away the parts of the bars around the shape and gently pull away from the rest. Insert skewers (mine were wimpy skewers so I used a couple in each one)  through the bottom of each rice krispie treat. I couldn’t stand to waste all the extra so I cute neat little squares and wrapped each one in plastic wrap.


Now build your bouquet. I used a glass vase I already had and filled it with Starburst favorite reds (2 packages). I then layered the small rice krispie squares on top of that before inserting the heart shaped rice krispie treats (which I wrapped using clear treat bags so they would stay fresh).


Anna wants you to know that this would work great for birthdays, Easter, or lots of other occasions. Enjoy and have fun!