• Cherry Pie!
  • Jackson & Jonah Turn One! {A Cake Decorating Tutorial}
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Perfection

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Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie!

So…..I was sure I didn’t like cherry pie. Positive. So much so that I’ve known for years that my mother’s favorite pie is cherry pie but I’m not a good enough person or daughter to make her one because I was sure I didn’t like it. I’ve made her other cherry flavored things, a cherry… 

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Jackson & Jonah Turn One! {A Cake Decorating Tutorial}

Dear Jackson & Jonah, You don’t really know me. I know you (I know that sounds creepy, but keep reading). We are friends with your parents. I mean, not like “call us in the middle of the night with an emergency” friends (although that would be fine), but definitely more than neighbors. Definitely “I have… 

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Perfection

The ice melted. And then it refroze. We went to a friend’s house this morning, it was 3 hours of pure bliss. There was interaction with a respectable human over the age of 4. We talked about jobs, husbands, friends, food, parenting. I ate lunch that didn’t involve peanut butter or jelly and certainly not… 

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Carrot Apple Muffins

Whole Wheat Carrot Apple Muffins

I’d like to paint you a picture. There’s a 1/2 inch of ice covering every road and surface in middle TN today. The ice storm hit yesterday. So we are on day two of going no where. Mr. Sweeter Thing is working out of the bonus room on the second floor of our house so… 

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Taco Chicken {in the crockpot!}

Something uh-mazing is happening right now. Rick Grimes and the gang are back, the Walking Dead is playing right now and all is right in the world again. Oh what a wonderful feeling to have my weekly zombie fix, to reconnect with characters I’m sure I would be friends with if I had the chance… 

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Apple Fritter Bread

Whoa….a new post on a Saturday?!?! It’s getting crazy up in here! ok, maybe not crazy. I just got behind schedule but I didn’t want to leave you without something yummy to eat with your coffee this weekend. Enter apple fritter bread. True confession: not once have I ever walked into a store or deli… 

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Homemade Peanut Butter & Almond Butter {4 ingredients or less & 10 minutes!}

I’m pretty sure this post is cheating. It doesn’t count. This is just too ridiculously easy. And have you ever looked on the back of your jar of peanut butter? There are a million ingredients in there. All sorts of crap that is there for no reason at all. I mean I’m sure someone in… 

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Pumpkin Almond Muffins

Stupid Good Muffins {Healthy! Gluten Free! Super Simple!}

These are ridiculous folks. They are packed with protein, use super simple ingredients, have no refined sugar (other than what’s in the chocolate chips), no gluten, and will make you want to hide in the closet and eat them all yourself. I’m not joking. These are stupid good. Made with almond butter and pumpkin puree…. 

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GF DF Choc Cake

Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Cake {For a Baby Shower}

A really fantastic thing is happening right now. As we speak. Nap time. Both of them. At.The.Same.Time. AND….the house is picked up. AND….I found the LAST diet coke in the garage today. AND….in a couple hours I’m getting a free facial for being the model (using that term loosely here) for a demonstration at a… 

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Cherry Cheesecake

I’m in a Beach Body accountability group on Facebook. I know. Right? I’m pretty sure I’m about to get kicked out. We are supposed to check in every day with how we are doing on our fitness goals. Did we work out? Did we eat well? Have we ingested our gallon of water for the… 

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Biscuits from Scratch

I have four and a half minutes before giant toddler baby wakes up from his morning nap so I’m using it to tell you about my new obsession with making biscuits. Before the last couple weeks, this never really occurred to me. I don’t even buy store bought biscuits, I simply don’t often serve bread… 

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